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The Townfield Consultancy is a media advisory firm, run by Simon Challis. We can help you to enjoy a more productive relationship with the media and to communicate better to your key stakeholders, including staff, investors and business partners


Why use Townfield?

With a journalistic career spanning 15 years, including seven years as a senior correspondent at Reuters news agency, Simon brings a unique blend of deep experience in the media, a wide network of contacts in both the media and financial services industries, and a great knowledge of the financial sector.


As editor of Reactions, the market-leading magazine for the wholesale insurance and reinsurance industries, Simon forged a reputation as one of the business’s leading commentators, which allowed him privileged access to the industry’s senior figures.


While at Reuters, Simon broke numerous market-moving stories and his stories on many aspects of corporate finance, including M&A, European insurance, reinsurance and asset management industries, as well as the UK pensions sector, appeared in newspapers around the world.


Simon earned a name as a journalist to whom industry leaders, such as Hank Greenberg, speak. He has interviewed a string of chief executives of the world’s largest financial firms, including Aegon, Aviva, Allianz, CNA, Centaurus Capital, Eclectica, ICAP, Munich Re, Old Mutual, Schroders, Swiss Re, the Pension Corporation and Zurich Financial Services.


Since turning freelance, Simon continues as a commentator on the industry, writing on the market for Business Insurance Europe and Lloyd’s of London, as well as working for a range of corporate clients.